Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Steamseo"? What is it all about?

Steamseo is a Mobile Ad Network with an automated self-serve advertising platform for advertisers willing to promote their Android, iOS apps on CPC, CPI, CPA, CPE ...etc basis.

If you have Android or iOS apps and looking to promote the same then you can buy app installs at our platform You can register a FREE account at to get started.

                    is a team of professional app developers and marketers who have over 4 years of experience in the mobile industry. We helped thousands of apps to get more organic users and drive more traffic, which means more revenue. We work with several big resellers, so even if you buy from elsewhere then most likely your order will get completed by our team. So why pay more when you finally can buy app installs directly from the main provider?!

Will I get Real and Unique Installs?

Real Installs?
We sell 100% real installs from real users/devices. We can understand your concern about legitimacy and quality of our product/users but we'd like to clarify that we have real human traffic and we sell 100% real installs from real users/devices.

Unique Installs?
Please note that you will always get unique device installs from us irrespective of the campaign.
Note: In case you have run/running campaigns at any other provider/network as well then we we would recommend you to make use of Tracking SDK such as Appsflyer, Kochava, ...etc

Any Harm?
Please be assured that your app will NOT be harmed because we sell 100% real installs and we can definitely guarantee that the installs are generated by real users and there are no risks involved for you by using our product to boost your app in anyway at all.

One more thing we'd like to add that we have built-in fraud detection system plus we support 3rd party tracking SDK such as Appsflyer or Kochava ...etc and they are well known for conversion tacking as well as powerful fraud detection system. You may setup 3rd party tracking to assure that you are getting 100% unique and genuine installs.

How much Time User will Keep the App in their Device?

User will keep the app on their device as per their wish or 3+ days if you go for High Retention campaign.

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How do we Drive Users/Installs?

We have network of Offerwalls, Rewarded Traffic, and Partners for Incent traffic and also we have a blend of different Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges, SSPs, Affiliate Networks, Direct Publishers and Partners for Non-Incent traffic, where users install advertised app for incentives in case of Incent Campaigns 

What are Top Geos?

  • For Incent => India, US, Germany, Spain, Russia, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, France, Vietnam
  • For Non-Incent => US, CA, Western Europe, and countries in SEA like IN, ID

Why most Users Uninstall my App after a Short Time?

In general, users are free to do anything after successful conversion, they may use/keep the app if they like it but we can NOT control or force them for anything beyond successful conversion point and "Uninstall" is out of the scope of the campaign as such.

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Please note that when you are running a CPC (Cost per Click), CPI (Cost per Install) or CPA (Cost per Action) ...etc campaign, we are charging you for a certain conversion flow i.e we are NOT responsible for whatever user do after successful conversion point.


On the other hand, Uninstall rate is quite significant in case of Incent campaign which is normal but even Non-Incent users churn over a couple of days or weeks. Keep in mind that Non-Incent Installs cost 10 times more than Incent Install on an average generally.

Uninstall rate also indicates loopholes in your overall app quality as well because Uninstall rate majorly depends on app quality itself. We are selling 100% real user installs and No one can force real humans to keep using an app forever, against their will/wish.

We offer incentivized installs. This means that users are rewarded for installing and running your app at least once. Our service is mainly targeted at improving your Play Store rankings and keyword rankings to have a bigger exposure and attract more users who install your app organically.

Our past experiences have shown that the actual engagement rate is between 5% and 15%, depending on several factors:

  • Casual games lead to higher engagement than specialized games or apps with a smaller target audience
  • Apps below 5MB in size have a significantly higher chance of getting better retention and engagement
  • App quality is a key factor: The more polished your app is, the more likely users are to actually use it

Important: Even if your number of uninstalls is high, it has a negligible influence on your Top New Free rankings (if at all) and doesn't have a significant influence on your later Top Free ranking if you get at least some additional organic installs.