App Monetization


How to monetize an application?

Today, monetization is, in most cases, intimately tied to the way an app works. Do you want to reward the user for interacting with an advertisement or do you want to keep the app ad-free? Do you want to earn money for selling virtual products or do you also want the user to pay to use your application? Click here for a detailed guide.

Mobile Games monetization

The games provide excellent options for their developers and publishers to earn money. Since the interaction rate is very high, users spend more time in the application. When this happens, monetisation is perfectly sufficient to display ads to the user or with the help of in-app currency. Click here to read our detailed guide!

In application currency

In-app currency refers to the balance within an app. With this balance, the user can make a purchase. This balance can be purchased for real money, earned through interaction with incentive ads, or earned by the user by completing certain tasks.

Mobile, advertising monetization

Like all creators, developers want to make enough profit with their app to justify all the work they put into it. In this article, we will explain what options you have as a publisher and which tools will help you with mobile ad monetization.

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